Pinnate Multi-lateral Horizontal Drilling
for Oil & Gas and CBM

Earth Energy ReservesEarth Energy Reserves, Inc., (EER), is a development stage, independent energy company engaged in the acquisition, production, exploration and development of conventional oil & natural gas and unconventional gas resources in North America.

We are focused primarily on oil, natural gas, unconventional coal bed methane (CBM) utilizing underbalanced, multi-lateral horizontal drilling techniques to optimize the profitability of every oil and gas field we acquire and develop. EER is headquartered in Estes Park, Colorado.

While virtually all small public and private E&P companies operating in the mid-continent focus primarily on conventional oil exploration and/or unconventional natural gas shale exploitation and development, our principle objects are to drill for, develop and produce oil, coal bed methane (CBM) and natural gas reserves in this business sector of the energy industry that is not overpopulated. 
EER works to produce a high return and deliver on commitments to our shareholders.

EER Mission Statement
Earth Energy Reserves, Inc., (EER), is an oil and natural gas company engaged in the exploration, exploitation, development and production of onshore oil and natural gas properties. Our operations are focused in certain key oil and natural gas producing regions of the United States. Our primary goal is to build value for our shareholders by enhancing the value of our assets through efficient operations, a high technology drilling program, development of our properties and exploitation of unproved upside sites.

Please read a more detailed introduction to our company and our business strategy here.

Dramatically Increases Production
for Coal Bed Methane

Multi-lateral Horizontal Drilling for Coal Bed MethaneMultilateral Drilling  Sometimes oil and  natural gas reserves are located in separate layers underground. Multilateral drilling allows producers to branch out from the main well to tap reserves at different depths. This dramatically increases production from a single well, and reduces the number of wells drilled on the surface.

Today, advances in drilling technology allow oil and natural gas companies to reach more reserves while reducing environmental impact as we work to:

  • reduce the surface “footprint” of drilling operations,
  • drill smaller holes and generating less waste,
  • create less noise,
  • avoid sensitive ecosystems, and
  • complete operations more quickly.

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